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This update is purely a factual one. Statistics and more statistics. Improvement is about small steps. And I am certainly making those…small steps I mean. And the amazing thing is that people who hardly know me are starting to ask me about my breaking 80 plan. I tell them that I am two weeks into the break 80 in 6 weeks plan that I read about in Golf Magazine. Sadly I have actually been following the plan for about 5 weeks; this is reality. I have completed the first two weeks of the program but I am five weeks in. Time, life, and reality have a habit of getting in the way. Fortunately I have also been reading Zen Golf…and have learnt to forgive myself. It feels a bit like cheating and then letting myself off, but, you know, I WILL forgive myself. It is only golf after all. As I often tell my staff when things go wrong, unless you are performing brain surgery it is okay to make mistakes or not quite get everything done that you had planned. Sometimes.

But here is the fantastic thing about my plan…it is actually starting to bear fruit. Continue reading

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When is it time to give up playing golf?

I tell you when it is NOT time to give up playing golf…when you have just shot the best birdie of your entire life, over a tree with a 60 Degree wedge (My Mistress loves me again, she is fickle but rewarding in her affections)…

But that is exactly what I did this week…and these men MADE me do it….

Did I tell you that I live in a semi-tropical area of the world?

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Break 80 in 6 weeks

Two things I want to report this “Blog”.  One is the game I had today…not great but the best of the year.  And I want to report the program I am on.  The “Break 80 in 6 weeks program”.  Have a look here…it is very cool.  I am on the second week.  Read on to see the program… Continue reading

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THE Steve: story of a 40-something golfaholic

Ever feel like a made-for-TV movie…I always hated those second titles – you know the ones that came after the colon.  And I knew they were only there for those stupid people who were incapable of understanding something so basic as a simple story.  Or put there by the executives who were “designing” the movie in case you were in any doubt what the message was in the movie.  Made marketing easier.  I never knew why those movies needed to be so, lets face it, blazingly obvious.  But now I get it.  And understanding this will help you become a better golfer… Continue reading

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Travels with my Smart (car) revisited

I drive a micro hybrid Smart car.  People often ask me how I fit all my golf stuff in a car THAT small.  I direct them to this article I wrote a couple of years back when I first test drove the Smart.  I wanted to buy one and Mercedes Taiwan were kind enough to let me drive it over a weekend to find out…not all about golf but there is golf included…

Its weeny, but tough!

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Michelle’ Wie’s personal contact details…

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The spirits have noticed me! IGST first game of the year

Last time I “blogged” (I love new words, like “blogged”, language just keeps evolving despite our best attempts to keep it under control) I wrote about the duality of man…well, sort of; I think, strictly speaking, I wrote about the duality of THE Steve and that fact that I might be clinically unemployable due to my inability to focus through one entire game of golf.  A bit harsh but it was an epiphany of sorts to realize that you have the concentration of a 2 year old chimpanzee.  But lets face it, golf is, certainly in Taiwan, about five hours of “hard yakka” ( as we used to say in Australia).   I console myself with the fact that even the best of workers would be unlikely to make it through five hours in a day without resorting to hopping onto facebook, checking out some news sites, or at the very least making a trip to the water cooler to have a chat with whoever happened to be standing there (incidentally this makes me think about a kind of worker that concerns me even more than my own duality; “water cooler guy”…this is the kind of worker that you always find at the water cooler – you can substitute coffee station, lunchroom, reception, lobby etc depending on business and building type. Water cooler guy never has anything to do and is always looking for someone to do it with. To be avoided at all costs. Do NOT make eye contact and do not engage in conversation…there are only two ways to disengage with water cooler guy; offend them by leaving or be caught skylarking by your boss, neither is a good outcome as the second involves your boss discovering a truth about workers that we all try to hide and the first offends someone whose sole purpose in life is talking to other people…think about it!).  Cutting through my random stream of consciousness I return to my original topic…which I opened by reminding everyone of the duality of man/THE Steve that I discussed in the wildly successful blog of my previous game. After my epiphany that I was actually two golfers in one (the great golfer of my imagination and the crap golfer of reality?) I resolved to do three things on the golf course; concentrate on EVERY shot, forgive myself if I had a bad shot, and move on even if I did have a bad shot. For a hole by blow account of how I achieved this please read on! You may be surprised…

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My Blog can save the world…

I was in Hong Kong this weekend, part recreation, part work, part in a quiet place just catching up on my blog. And then Japan happened. 8.9 on the richter scale, fires, a Tsunami, and a potential Nuclear meltdown to boot. Kind of made breaking 80 in golf feel like I was talking about acne problems with a cancer patient But then I thought, you know, it’s the ordinary things that keep us going. When I have faced the worst moments in my life it has been the mundane that has been my savior; making a sandwich, going to work, cleaning the house. And they don’t come much more mundane than my blog…so I will keep writing. And I will do it for Japan, for Australia, for New Zealand, for Libya, for the Congo, and for anywhere else that they are going through things that I can only imagine.
In extraordinary times the world needs more of us to just be ordinary…and whilst I have occasional illusions of being something exceptional (mainly thanks to my mother’s encouragement of my every small achievement) I am powerfully aware of my ordinariness. But for now, in this time, ordinary is what the world needs. For once my mediocrity is a reason to celebrate!
Back to golf next entry…

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How to become a professional golfer…

Imagine for a moment if you will an employee in your company who turned up to work focused and on the ball only 3 days out of 5 and for the other two was cursing and swearing or having tantrums or couldn’t even work out how to turn on his computer.  Imagine writing work objectives like; Steven must learn how to turn on his computer every day and not just 60% of the time.  Would anyone ever hold a job like that?  Now imagine if the 3 days that he or she did perform reasonably well he or she was still operating below par (do you see where I am going yet?  Are you following me?) and could not make the grade set down by the industry as being standard. I will return to this train of thought in a moment…but first… Continue reading

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Golf and the Mental Game

It was said of Phil Mickelson recently that one of his greatest strengths (apart from being an awesome golfer) is that he never gives up. The same is true of players like Graeme McDowell. They hit a bad shot (you know, about 2 inches offline and landing four yards from where they wanted it to land) and they just keep going. They put it behind them and play the next shot. In Tseng Yani’s win in Thailand this February her fourth but final shot was a wayward push out to the right that could have ended up in disaster. it was way off to the right in a bad position next to a fence coming into a very tight green. And here comes the Life is a metaphor for Golf angle again…they all get over it.
Now me… Continue reading

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