One ordinary golfer’s quest to play under 80

I work, I play golf more or less monthly, I have friends, and I have interests outside of golf.  I am an ordinary guy in reasonable shape.  But this year I decided – at the fair age of 44 – that before my body goes down the inevitable path of decrepitude that I was going to play a sub 80 round of golf.  Shouldn’t be too hard, I am a 15 handicapper, i have shot birdies before, and i know my way round a golf course. But I read somewhere that 90% of golfers never break 90.  Am I really in the top 10% of golfers in the world?  Certainly doesn’t feel like it.  Breaking 80 may not be as worthy as some ambitions but it is something that has grabbed my attention…and if you are at all like me you will know that these moments are few and far between.  I am committing to this one…I am blogging so I must really mean it!

I am called THE Steve; a by-product of my golf group having at one time about 7 Steves…anybody could have been THE Steve, I just got to it first.


2 Responses to One ordinary golfer’s quest to play under 80

  1. Hi THE Steve! While browsing the web to find some tips on how to break 80 I found your blog and started reading and kept reading and reading and reading. Really enjoyed it! As I’m trying to achieve the same goal this year it was helpful to see your dream come true 🙂 Thanks!

    • THE Steve says:

      Hi Theo
      great to hear from you and don’t give up no matter what. I have decided to “do it again” this year. shot one 78 last year and haven’t come close since. Took some time off and shot an 82 yesterday so have the FIRE again…look forward to seeing your goal achieved.

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