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The best 80s collection ever

One of the last CDs I ever bought – before I went totally download and digital (you can use that phrase, but please do reference it to me!) – was a collection of all the best songs of the 80s. … Continue reading

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How to break 80 or not break 80; that is the question

Shakespeare and golf. What, you ask, has the bard to do with Golf and breaking 80?  That IS the question. The great man, or someone writing as him if you believe the controversies, wrote one of the greatest existential questions … Continue reading

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Finally Broke 80…well someone did anyway…

I have been playing some great golf lately. Breaking 80 is only a lucky putt or two away. I have had scores ranging from 81 through 84 over the last month when I have not been blogging (too busy actually … Continue reading

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