Information is power, or get the answer to the question you ask…

I played in Macau this weekend. Went for a weekend to Macau for my local Rotary group…a sister club thing. Stayed in a hotel called the Venetian which has an actual canal running through it, had lunch in a club that goes back about 200 years, met Elvis…yes Elvis!!!…and got to play golf at one of Macau’s two golf courses. This one was the Macau Golf and Country club and it was a delight. Narrow AND short which basically means that (as I proved) you can be OB left, right, OR over the back of the green.

The Ocean? Could it get ANY harder...?

We played of the gold tees at the back, which meant there were a lot of strangely long par threes of around 200 yards or more. Turns out that my 5 wood IS too long for them…only took me three goes at it to realize. have I mentioned before that I am Q-U-I-C-K on the uptake. I learn about as fast as a Leming, I learn about as as fast as a fat man at a buffet, I learn about as fast as the US government going to war…well you get the idea. If at first up don’t succeed try try and try again. But I don’t think they were talking about golf and they certainly didn’t mean EXACTLY the same shot with exactly the same club. Three beautiful shots today and three equally expected outcomes. If a club normally goes 220-240 why would it stop on a par three green any more than it would stop on any other green that was way too near it’s starting point. Simple physics right?

And I learnt something else today…culture…in some countries you get the answer to the question you ask…but nothing else. I had a great caddie today but there was one hole that made me laugh. Par five with water across the fairway that comes into play on the second shot. I was not familiar with this course at all, it was my first time (be gentle), and so I was relying on the caddie for all instruction. Final hole of the day and after a less than spectacular drive I found myself with a 220 yard layup to the water. This is what my caddie told me. He said it 220 to the water. The new Zen me chose a club that would never go more than 220 and played it safe to try and chip up and force a par chance. I swung easy and pushed the ball out about 180 yards only to have the same caddy tell me that I had just gone into the water. Huh? Ducks were in danger of being attacked in an inappropriate manner and my Zen was tested for a second…I politely inquired how my 180 yard shot could be in the water only to be told that the water is 220 away on the left BUT 160 yards on the right…hmmm…This is what I call information that would have been useful BEFORE the shot…
But you know…I still made a bogey and nobody died…so I forgave him and “moved on” as a good friend of mine says…


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I work, I play golf, I write, I have opinions, I try to be nice to animals and small children. That's me.
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