The Perfect Golf Swing…

Okay…calling it the PERFECT golf swing might be a stretch…but I hoped (Cynically) that it might get a few extra hits if I called it that…but anyway here is a time lapse camera shot of my golf swing…and I have to say…it was not as ugly as I expected…Love Your Swing 10

No pithy witticisms today, no revelations about life or golf.  Just a boy and his golf swing, and how I have learnt to love my own swing.  It will do.  I feel like I am in that 80s song “Pina Colada”, you know the one where the hero looks for a new love in the papers (not the internet, Lordy am I feeling older) and discovers that the woman that he meets through the personals is his “own sweet lady–y-y-y”.  This song was famous for the nonsensical line “if you like making love at midnight, in the dunes of a cape”…which, as I write, and in the greatest of ironies, I have suddenly understood.

Much like that song I did not value my own “sweet lady–y-y-y”, my swing…but having looked for another I have discovered what I should have known all along..that my swing was my one true swing after all.  I just didn’t know it.  And here in all its glory is “my Swing”


About THE Steve

I work, I play golf, I write, I have opinions, I try to be nice to animals and small children. That's me.
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