Warning…practice makes you better!

The following may be out of sync with the other posts on the time line. I take liberties with time. This is all part of my new Buddhist approach to golf…time is simply another dimension. I have noticed that People (the ubiquitous “they”) have started looking at me funny when I talk like this.  It may be time to start drinking more beer and talking about football before I lose all my friends or people start walking slowly backwards away from me at parties.

Anyway, before I played a round of golf a couple of weeks ago I had a round on a pitch and putt par three course. Par 27. I have been practicing my 8 Irons through to my Mistress (60 degree wedge for you late comers) and this was the perfect way to do it. It was fantastic and really gave me a great idea just how far my “new” iron shots were going.

So there I was on a 120 yard Par 3.  Should be a 9 iron from the old Steve.

  • Lined up
  • Hit it perfectly.
  • Flew straight at the flag.
  • And then out of bounds on the full on the other side…
  • Hmm.

Must be a pitching wedge then. Great. I have improved.

  • Lined up.
  • Hit it perfectly.
  • Flew straight at the flag
  • And then out of bounds on the full on the other side…
  • Hmm.

See a pattern developing here?

Took out my Gap Wedge. This club (that I love) used to be my 90 yards shot.

  • Lined up.
  • Hit it perfectly.
  • Landed on the green next to the flag.
  • 120 yards…now

I knew that practice would make me better…and I have mentioned this phenomenon before in a previous post (an I running out of idea already!!!) but now I have to rethink ALL my clubs…and that really is the thing with practice. It makes you better. But in between where you were and making you better it just changes you.  Like when you lose or gain weight; regardless of how positive it makes you feel the first you notice is that your clothes don’t fit.  And it is vaguely annoying until you get a chance to get new ones.  Do you put your belly under or over your old tight pants that don’t quite fit like they used to.  Or do you cut a new notch in your belt to help your loosening pants stay up.  Just when do you have to bite the bullet and get new clothes.  I am playing better but I need a while to get used to my new “Clothes” before I will be really comfortable.

And here is a little weird but true story to finish on.  At that same par 3 course I was on the last hole and a passenger came strolling past.  He wasn’t young and the course is obviously on the route that he has always walked everyday of his life to get somewhere “lord knows where”.  (I actually looked behind me to see where he might be going…nothing that I could see).  I hit a decent but not great 8 iron off the tee which just slid down the slope of the green to the edge of the path around the course.  And then this guy who was walking through the course (against the grain) stopped, stooped over, picked up my ball, and put it in his pocket!  He literally picked up my golf ball and put it in his pocket. In plain sight.  I could even see the golf ball in his pocket as he walked past me.  He was an older Chinese man and so I gave him some face…broaching the issue with a face saving “did you by any chance happen to see a golf ball as you walked past?” He just said “no”.  Lied to my face.  I could SEE the ball in his pocket.  What was I supposed to say?  Is that a ball in your pocket?  And what was he doing on the golf course anyway…a golf course is a dangerous place…especially with a man still struggling with his inner Zen…

For a second I had a vision of my 8 iron wrapped around his neck or buried somewhere to the hilt in a way that could only be described as medical…but then I remembered my Zen Golf teachings and decided to let it go.

Then I called some mates and went to the pub to talk about football…


About THE Steve

I work, I play golf, I write, I have opinions, I try to be nice to animals and small children. That's me.
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One Response to Warning…practice makes you better!

  1. Kath says:

    Great post! Interesting that practice makes the use of your clubs change. I guess it’s a good thing while also a little disconcerting that you have to re-learn them all again and what they can now do for you. Exactly like the do I get new clothes analogy.

    That story about the old bloke who nicked your ball had me in fits! It’s unbelievable but then so very believable. Glad he didn’t get the ‘medical’ treatment you had in mind. 😉

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