THE Steve: story of a 40-something golfaholic

Ever feel like a made-for-TV movie…I always hated those second titles – you know the ones that came after the colon.  And I knew they were only there for those stupid people who were incapable of understanding something so basic as a simple story.  Or put there by the executives who were “designing” the movie in case you were in any doubt what the message was in the movie.  Made marketing easier.  I never knew why those movies needed to be so, lets face it, blazingly obvious.  But now I get it.  And understanding this will help you become a better golfer…Since starting this blog, continuing to Chair the Golf Society that I am a member of, running the Charity that I work for, and organizing events (including golf tournaments YAY!), as well as just living (you know paying bills, buying groceries, having friends) I have realized that in all my communications with people I have started to have to remind them of which version of me they are talking to RIGHT NOW.  Are they talking to Superstar Blogger THE Steve?  The guy from THAT  charity?  The Chairman of the Golf Society?  A mate trying to rope you into a coming to an event?  Just a friend wanting to go out for a meal?  Everything I do at the moment needs to have a secondary title just to remind me of which me is doing what.  I once laughed at someone I met who had nine names cards.  I have four now…and as many email addresses that I check daily.  I am getting there…and I haven’t even made the one that says superstar Blogger yet (Is Superstar Blogger CLEAR enough for the important contribution I make to the world blogging community?).  When your life compartmentalizes as heavily as most of us do now  you need to subtitle all your communications so that people know which “you” they are talking to.

Even when I am playing golf I am different people; do you ever find that?  For some golfers it never changes.  Golf is about golf.  They play to win regardless of who they are playing and they play to their best no matter what.  To me golf is totally different depending on who I am playing with.  Am I playing a game of business golf, a social game, a charity tournament, with someone I am meeting for the first time, an old friend?  I play much more controlled golf when playing for business because I can’t be as, let’s say, passionate, when I am playing with people I have to talk serious stuff with later.  And I have noticed that I have one friend that I always shoot very low 80s with and have broken 40 over nine holes every time I have played with him…while other friends seem to bring out the slice in me.  What makes each game so different?

And when does healthy thinking about your golf  descend into unhealthy over-processing.  I am guessing when you start thinking you are more than one person and write paragraphs like the one above…I am guessing that is a good indicator…

It’s the periphery of golf that changes.  At the risk of getting all Jedi about this, in order to play well you need to be in the moment; and forget what else is going on around you.

Rush Limbaugh says on the Haney Project on the Golf Channel that he thinks he is too smart for golf.  He is half right.  To play good golf you still have to be smart but you definitely have to think less.  And that is a great set of swing thoughts to have in tomorrow’s game…

Must not think about breaking 80, must not think about breaking 80, must not think about breaking 80…yeh, right, THAT’S going to work…


About THE Steve

I work, I play golf, I write, I have opinions, I try to be nice to animals and small children. That's me.
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