Break 80 in 6 weeks

Two things I want to report this “Blog”.  One is the game I had today…not great but the best of the year.  And I want to report the program I am on.  The “Break 80 in 6 weeks program”.  Have a look here…it is very cool.  I am on the second week.  Read on to see the program…


And of course, the game today…only 90 but it was a fantastic improvement for so many reasons.  6 pars.  6 pars.  Did you hear me say that…? 6 pars.  I have NEVER done that before to the best of my knowledge.  And here are some people who are happy for me…or in any case happy…it may be due to the fact that it is a long weekend here in Taiwan…I will take whatever I can get.  In case they are reading this I played so well because of YOU buddy…you know who you are…I mentioned (late) last night that playing golf for me is about being various people to different people depending on who I am playing with.  But I have to say that this group, and game, was just a game.  Mates playing golf.  Different skill levels but much of a muchness (as my Dad would say…I think it was something like a heart felt democratic declaration, but my Dad for all his virtues was no Tolstoy and this had to suffice).  I am the guy on the left who obviously hates the sun…if I could wear a Ninja mask I would…I fear the sun THAT much.  What can I say, I am an Aussie, and my most vivid memory of High School (apart from going to a pub at the age of 14 in my school uniform) is the lecture we had on skin cancer.  I have lived in Asia for nearly 20 years and have only had the sun touch me once.  I would rather sweat off 40 pounds in a long-sleeved shirt than get touched by the sun.  There are people living in Northern Europe that see the sun for two days a year that more claim to having a tan that I do.  When I first moved to Asia and would return home to Aus every year my friends would always ask me if I had really been in Asia because, quite frankly, I looked like I had been living in the North pole.  I go to Tropical Islands for holidays and come back Whiter than when I went.  I am single-handedly keeping a whole division of Nivea in business just on the sunscreen I use playing golf alone…I am THAT important to their sales figures that they have separate line item in their annual report with my name on it.

So here is the program…”Break 80 in 6 weeks” program.  It is a great program.  This is from Golf magazine; an instructor called Brady Riggs.  Just so happened that at the time I am trying to break 80 they write an article about how to break 80.  Its as if they could read my mind and write a magazine JUST FOR ME.  Self-obsession might be another one of my faults…but I blog, right, that means I am important enough that a world class golfing magazine read by 1000s of fanatical golfers around the globe would write an article JUST FOR ME, right? This is what they call in film studies the suspension of disbelief, the vital leap that we all need to make to support the story.  In some movies (Star Wars leaps to mind) you have to believe that there really is a galaxy FAR FAR AWAY…now for me it is important that I believe that there is a magazine JUST FOR ME…and they wrote an article about breaking 80 in 6 weeks aimed solely at me.  Wow.  Forget Will.Am.I.  How.Cool.Am.I?

And here it is…it is also on their website AND, as I just downloaded, on their new APP Front 9…and it…makes sense…it helps.

Week one; get your irons from 8 up to your 60 degree practiced and locked in with some cool drills.

Week Two; Get a “go to” drive so that you can get the ball in play.

Week Three; work out how far your chips will roll so you can get it near the pin.

Week Four; work out your putting and get the speed right

Week Five; focus on your strategy, record every stat about pars hit, especially concentrating on Par 3 and 5s – for different reasons.  Aim for a 4 on the par 3 and be REALLY happy with a 3.  Aim to be near to the green in two on a par 5 but don’t think you can always be on in two.  BTW I am already doing this; check out my stats!  I am four weeks ahead…but 6 weeks behind…

Week Six; blast ten balls in a row out of a bunker.

So, I am on week one.  A week is not really a week.  I work.  I have had time to do week one, but it has taken me TWO WEEKS.  SO what I have done is my Short Irons.  And it has worked.  They are infinitely better than they wear before.  Here’s the things about practice…and I may be telling you something that you have never thought about before but PRACTICE MAKES YOU BETTER.  Funny that.  But the down side is that the better you get the less you can rely on your old faults to see you through…I am through the first week and my irons have improved, remarkably so.  So much so that I am randomly shooting 20 yards further than I have before.  I am not complaining but the point was to lock the distances in…not make them longer!  But they are much more stable than before.  The goal was to know 100% how far you can hit with each club and there were some issues with this (I feel a “next blog” coming on…) but each of the clubs have improved.  And I have come to understand that you need to now what club to get you on to the green from what distance.  Seems simple but many people (THE Steve included) hadn’t really thought about it.  At lat now I think about getting on the green with my short irons…instead of sending it towards the hole on a wing and a prayer…

And it has worked…here is my recent round.

Stats don’t lie…unless of course they are government sanctioned unemployment stats, or investment brokerage company reports, or anything out of North Korea.  But you get what I mean.  My average for par 3s overall is 4.5

But on this round it was only 3.3…

And that was purely because I BELIEVED that my iron (8 through my Mistress) might actually hit the green.  Today I landed on the par 3 greens more regularly than a vegetarian’s bowel movements.  Four par threes on most courses (something I only learnt recently, I really am that naive about this game) and I parred three of them; the last one only dropped short into a bunker because of a massive gust of wind…and I sand saved for a respectable bogey…

Now I haven’t got the part of the 6 week program where I practice my drives yet…and they let me down a little bit today – 29% – but my GIR was an acceptable 28% considering I could not find a fairway today!  But the important stuff is in the last two weeks of my practice (which is one week of the program – I really don’t have time!) I have reduced my double bogey (or more) percentage down from 38% to 22%, pars have gone up from 22% from 28%, and Bogeys have gone from 36% to 50%.  I lost 10 shots on 4 holes today.  Four very bad holes…but I played the other well DESPITE THE BAD HOLES.  And that made me very happy.  Easily pleased I am…

A final word about stats and, in particular, Greens In Regulation (GIR).  On the final hole today I was the only golfer on the green in regulation; but it was small consolation as my first putt was so far away from the hole it was in a separate time zone.  And my two golf partners were about 10 feet from the hole with an easy chip to the hole.  Good stats are useful but I would rather have had a short chip than a 300 foot putt that required a full back-swing just to get it near the hole any day…a shorter approach and an easy chip would have seen me par that hole and get an 89…only real 80s round for the year.

6 weeks to breaking 80…maybe not 6 straight calendar weeks…but 6 weeks nonetheless!


About THE Steve

I work, I play golf, I write, I have opinions, I try to be nice to animals and small children. That's me.
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3 Responses to Break 80 in 6 weeks

  1. Chris says:

    What app do you use to track your shots, stats, etc? Cool screenshots. I’d like to try that app out. Thanks for writing this post!

    • THE Steve says:

      Hi Chris
      Glad you like it. I have been thinking lately to add some more to the blog. The APP is golfshot and I love it. I think I put a link robot on my front page but if not just look up Golfshot GPS in a search engine. There is a paid and unpaid version, the paid has a lot more features if you can spring for that.

  2. Patrick Kaa says:

    Great to see you have a well thought out plan dude, I think 99% of golfers (me included lol) just got out every weekend and hit some balls 20 minutes before tee off, have a few putts, then go straight to the tee. That behaviour there guarantees a bad round from the get go, but if you practice like you play and have good fundamentals and a well thought out plan of how you are gonna approach each hole then you will be successful and eventually break 80. I’ve started reading the official break 80 guide and I’m surprised how fast my game is improving!

    Check out my progress here

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