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The Perfect Golf Swing…

Okay…calling it the PERFECT golf swing might be a stretch…but I hoped (Cynically) that it might get a few extra hits if I called it that…but anyway here is a time lapse camera shot of my golf swing…and I have … Continue reading

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Warning…practice makes you better!

The following may be out of sync with the other posts on the time line. I take liberties with time. This is all part of my new Buddhist approach to golf…time is simply another dimension. I have noticed that People … Continue reading

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Latest game report

This update is purely a factual one. Statistics and more statistics. Improvement is about small steps. And I am certainly making those…small steps I mean. And the amazing thing is that people who hardly know me are starting to ask … Continue reading

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When is it time to give up playing golf?

I tell you when it is NOT time to give up playing golf…when you have just shot the best birdie of your entire life, over a tree with a 60 Degree wedge (My Mistress loves me again, she is fickle … Continue reading

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Break 80 in 6 weeks

Two things I want to report this “Blog”.  One is the game I had today…not great but the best of the year.  And I want to report the program I am on.  The “Break 80 in 6 weeks program”.  Have … Continue reading

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THE Steve: story of a 40-something golfaholic

Ever feel like a made-for-TV movie…I always hated those second titles – you know the ones that came after the colon.  And I knew they were only there for those stupid people who were incapable of understanding something so basic … Continue reading

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