Michelle’ Wie’s personal contact details…

Is something that I would never give out (even if I had it).  I did however play with some great Taiwan LPGA Professionals the other week; learnt a lot about how to play golf!  I will tell you more about that in another blog…and I did want you to know that I will be posting VERY soon.  Despite our best intentions life just gets in the way sometimes; I forgive myself.  Another “Golf is Life” lesson brought to you by THE Steve…


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I work, I play golf, I write, I have opinions, I try to be nice to animals and small children. That's me.
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One Response to Michelle’ Wie’s personal contact details…

  1. Frizzante says:

    If you are beyond the beginner level golfer and are looking for a thorough explanation of the golf swing this DVD is the one.

    I play off a mid handicap and have been working really hard at improving my consistency. I have finally found some golf instruction that leaves “no stone unturned” in its analysis of the swing.

    No wonder Jim McLean is such a highly regarded teacher! His presentation of the complex and detailed material is faultless and at the same time is not complicated. If you take it slowly, as I have, there is nothing that is too difficult to comprehend.

    I had hesitated to by this DVD because I incorrectly thought it would be another glib and trite lesson package. It is not. It is remarkably good and will last me for years. In fact I can see myself returning to go back to the basics of the swing each time I strike problems, which unfortunately I am sure will happen.

    In my opinion the “pick” of all golf instruction dvd’s that I have seen, for the improving golfer, are this DVD, Dave Stockton and Ben Crenshaw’s “Insights from the Masters of Putting” and Simon Holmes’ “Digital Golf School, Golf Strategy”.

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