My Blog can save the world…

I was in Hong Kong this weekend, part recreation, part work, part in a quiet place just catching up on my blog. And then Japan happened. 8.9 on the richter scale, fires, a Tsunami, and a potential Nuclear meltdown to boot. Kind of made breaking 80 in golf feel like I was talking about acne problems with a cancer patient But then I thought, you know, it’s the ordinary things that keep us going. When I have faced the worst moments in my life it has been the mundane that has been my savior; making a sandwich, going to work, cleaning the house. And they don’t come much more mundane than my blog…so I will keep writing. And I will do it for Japan, for Australia, for New Zealand, for Libya, for the Congo, and for anywhere else that they are going through things that I can only imagine.
In extraordinary times the world needs more of us to just be ordinary…and whilst I have occasional illusions of being something exceptional (mainly thanks to my mother’s encouragement of my every small achievement) I am powerfully aware of my ordinariness. But for now, in this time, ordinary is what the world needs. For once my mediocrity is a reason to celebrate!
Back to golf next entry…


About THE Steve

I work, I play golf, I write, I have opinions, I try to be nice to animals and small children. That's me.
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