How to become a professional golfer…

Imagine for a moment if you will an employee in your company who turned up to work focused and on the ball only 3 days out of 5 and for the other two was cursing and swearing or having tantrums or couldn’t even work out how to turn on his computer.  Imagine writing work objectives like; Steven must learn how to turn on his computer every day and not just 60% of the time.  Would anyone ever hold a job like that?  Now imagine if the 3 days that he or she did perform reasonably well he or she was still operating below par (do you see where I am going yet?  Are you following me?) and could not make the grade set down by the industry as being standard. I will return to this train of thought in a moment…but first……a good friend of mine, hoping to encourage me no doubt, after reading my very successful Golf blog (this one in case you didn’t know), sent me an email telling me that he had worked out that my handicap for my previous game, where I shot a 94, over the best 11 holes was 9. Did you see that…9!  I can play at that level already for 11 holes. Not bad. the flipside of this is that for the other 7 holes I was playing at around handicap 46…I am capable of playing THAT badly too.  Now, I don’t want to get into the discussion about what kind of person spends their time calculating handicaps over 11 holes, nor do I want to discuss that I have these kind of friends (remember I am the guy that paid for the APP that keeps my statistics on my cellphone).  No, my problem now is much bigger than me being nerdy and liking statistics…my problem now is this…between the 46 handicapper and the 9 handicapper which is the real me?
This blog is rapidly becoming more of a treatise on my mental state than a blog recording my path to a simple physical milestone…(yes, I saw Black Swan this week!)…could I be Natalie Portman’s Ballet Dancer?   Could I be having a mental breakdown and not even aware of it? Am I really two people at the same time? One person this reasonably confident low handicapper steadily pumping out pars and bogeys or am I this guy who should just accept the fact that he will never be better than a random player topping out at a 46 handicap.

So let me tie my two seemingly disparate points together.  If I had an employee of the same consistency as I play golf they would not last very long at all; 60% acceptable work but still below par and 40% well nigh useless!  And if I had a friend with the (apparent) consistency of my mental state (am I really two people?) it would be very difficult to maintain that friendship regardless of good intentions.  Granted I don’t get paid for playing golf (not yet!!!  That’s irony by the way…) and most friends are in fact very forgiving but the comparison serves a purpose.  Really, not to labour a point but if a professional golfer played as inconsistently as me they would be dropped by their sponsors as quickly as a politician turns around on a promise after election.  And really who wants a friend as inconsistent as I play golf?

If golf really is a metaphor for life as I have said then my quest to break 80, whilst still seemingly far from being achieved, has shown me that I am basically unemployable and have a borderline personality disorder…

Hmmm.  Now there’s another great swing thought…


About THE Steve

I work, I play golf, I write, I have opinions, I try to be nice to animals and small children. That's me.
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