How to fix a hook in golf with Vietnamese food

I learnt how to fix my sneaking hook this week. And I learn how to do it eating Vietnamese food. Life really is the best teacher. If the secret to the snap hook is all you crave then scroll on down. I plan to digress before coming back to this training revelation that will shock the golfing world!

And here’s the score for this week…better!  92…

More Great Golf Fashion

I lost to him and he doesn't even know the ball is still on the tee...

But before I pass on the secret that “they didn’t want you to know” I do have to mention that Yani Tseng (Tseng Yani – 曾雅妮 – in the right Chinese order) of Taiwan won the Australian Masters this week and took the world Number 1 spot in Womens’ golf.  I am so happy for her. She won in my home country and comes from my adopted country of Taiwan. A perfect blend of two of the cultures that define who I am. Those of us who live in places we were not born in are often torn by who to support in times of international competition. My Parents came from Scotland and moved to Australia. Thankfully the Scots and the Aussies seldom play sport against each other and can at least, nine time out of ten, bond against the English with no reason necessary.  But it must be more difficult for people where there is a conflict…New Zealanders who have lived a long time in Australia during a Rugby test for instance…

Now, I would have loved for the Aussies to win in Australia but it seems to me that a Taiwanese winning in Australia and taking the number one spot in the world while there is a nice compromise…and goes a long way to keeping both sides of my mixed-up culture happy.

Anyway, (have I used that word before?) getting to the golf, Tzeng Yani shot 24 under over four days. I can’t even imagine what that must be like…like a cavemen trying to imagine flying space ships to the moon.  Did I mention that she was 24 UNDER after four days of golf?  For a moment imagine a world where I can shoot under par (difficult for those who have seen my scorecards but please try to work with me on this). This is the same world where Megan Fox (that’ll get me a few internet searches!) is President of the United States, and Kristen Stewart of Twilight fame smiles.  Hmm, carrying on with the Mathematics for a second I played approximately 24 times last year…and wasn’t anywhere near 24 UNDER.  Quite the so-far-opposite-I-need-a-new-word-for-it.  As a 15 handicapper averaging 15 shots over per round of golf I must have been about 360 over for the year…OVER!!!  The more I play the more over par I get. The more Yani plays the better her average gets. So really the best thing I can do for my average against par is to STOP PLAYING GOLF. Right now!!  If I weren’t such a bone-headed optimist (egotist?) I might be daunted by that thought.  How do you get to a point where you can shoot 24 UNDER over 4 days…and remember I am shooting off the white tees…(they won’t let me shoot off the blues…they say it would be like letting a four year-old kid drive a car; like that could be a bad thing…).  Showing them my recent stats didn’t help; they kept asking what all the left and right squiggles off the tee meant…

So, accepting that I will never be as good or be able to hit as far as a 46kg Taiwanese girl, I still bravely continue on my quest to break 80.  I played last Saturday and it is (one of) the strange thing(s) about golf, I shot 102 two weeks ago and felt I was playing very well (before imploding of course), and this week I shot 10 shots better (92 for you non-mathematicians) and felt…how can I explain it…awkward.  It might have been something to do with the 8 degrees Celsius drizzly day (Taiwan is SEMI-tropical; I learnt what that means this week…), or it might have something to do with the four layers of clothing I was wearing to fight off aforementioned temperature. But Life really is a metaphor for Golf as I have said previously in my very well read blog (up to 26 views a day and counting!!) and this week’s game was a major improvement for one very simple reason; instead of “imploding” after starting well I actually “steadied” after starting badly.  I started so badly in fact that my caddy snorted after my first shot and started looking at her watch as if to say “its going to be a LONG day”.  In her defense I was wearing a flashy pair of Ian Poulter pants and it was a very dodgy 5 wood off the first tee about 20 yards up the fairway to my right…I would have thought the same thing.  But I gathered myself together and managed to play an okay round of golf.  A younger me (two weeks younger!) would have imploded well and truly after a triple bogey on the first hole…two weeks of maturity really helps!  I feel like a man now.  There’s something in that for all of us, eh?

So what is the revelation about golf that I promised?  You will be amazed.  It was an epiphany as I was eating Vietnamese food the other night.  My friend bought Vietnamese takeaway the other night and, knowing I love coffee, bought a Vietnamese coffee to go with it.  It was delicious but it was so strong that my hand started shaking a little bit and I felt my heart beat just a little faster…and then I realized…I always have a coffee at the “house” at about the fourth hole every time I play golf; and then another and another and another.  I think during my golf I might actually be passing the legal limits of Caffeine where in most countries they forbid you to use heavy machinery.  And I wonder why every time I play golf I start to snap hook after about four holes.  Stands to reason that if your hands are swinging through faster and faster then you are likely to hook…right?  Are you with me?  The word you are looking for is O-B-V-I-O-U-S but only to everyone else.  So this game I did not drink coffee at all during the round…and my drives got straighter as the game wore on.  I am guessing (now) that Tseng Yani doesn’t pour coffee down her throat for 144 holes on the way to 24 under…

Stats follow but basically you can see that GIR (Greens in Regulation) improved dramatically.  Not good, but improved.  Up to 33%.  My putts were still down in 2 or less and so GIR helps.  Just trust me on this one.  I discovered the Vietnamese coffee secret, right?  I KNOW what I am talking about…only took me 5 years of playing golf to work it out.

Look at that nice even pie chart on the helps...

In case Starbucks wants to sponsor me I still love coffee, I am just keeping it off the course…

Next time, how Sandwedge meats have improved my Bunker shots…


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1 Response to How to fix a hook in golf with Vietnamese food

  1. Kath says:

    Something so simple, yet what a difference! I’ve been told golf is a mental game, makes sense you would play it better if your heart and mind weren’t racing at a million miles an hour.

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