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How to become a professional golfer…

Imagine for a moment if you will an employee in your company who turned up to work focused and on the ball only 3 days out of 5 and for the other two was cursing and swearing or having tantrums … Continue reading

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Golf and the Mental Game

It was said of Phil Mickelson recently that one of his greatest strengths (apart from being an awesome golfer) is that he never gives up. The same is true of players like Graeme McDowell. They hit a bad shot (you … Continue reading

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Tseng Yani is number one. Game report Feb 18

I played again last week.  Groovy stats and analysis to follow but basically a solid (and very wet) 94.  Some flashes of true mediocrity amid the “Huh”s and the “What?”s…and as always I am sure you are pleased to know … Continue reading

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How to fix a hook in golf with Vietnamese food

I learnt how to fix my sneaking hook this week. And I learn how to do it eating Vietnamese food. Life really is the best teacher. If the secret to the snap hook is all you crave then scroll on … Continue reading

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Golf Statistics and Harry Potter

So I told you about the Golfshot GPS APP I downloaded for my iPhone, right?  I can track my scores, my fairways hit, putts taken, GIR (I learnt that this is “Greens in Regulation…who’d have known?).  Now here is the … Continue reading

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Golf lessons from the professionals

Here’s a novel idea, golf is hard. And the more I understand the game the more I realize that there are people who know more about this game than I do. I have recently taken my obsession to a higher … Continue reading

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Second game of the season

I was almost late for the the game today.  In one of the greatest ironies of my short blogging life the blog itself was the reason I was almost late.  I felt obliged to write this morning before the game … Continue reading

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Golf preparation

So here’s the thing about golf. It is, I think, above all other sports (and I am not getting into the debate about whether this is a sport or not, you know they televise Darts competitions – one hundred and … Continue reading

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