Course Management

So I have heard that course management is really important in golf.  I have heard it, but I have never really felt it.  I mean what is there to manage?  I only have fourteen options in my bag (twelve of which I don’t know how to use properly, if only every hole on every golf course was 157 yards with a slight right hand dog leg!) , the thing I am hitting at doesn’t move, it doesn’t have a personality as such, and I have no requirements of the course that I can measure; what exactly are the courses KPIs here?  I can’t motivate the course to do better…I can’t offer it incentives for performance…and it sure as begone is not going to quit if I don’t get it onside.  So what exactly am I supposed to manage about the golf course?  As I remember (fondly?) back over all the games of golf I have played in the last few years it suddenly dawns on me…I don’t need to manage the course – it is doing fine by itself – what I really need to manage is me! Its all about my choices out there.  Why do I take a Driver out of my bag to hit randomly anywhere between 220-280 yards in any one of about eight different directions when I could take a nice little 5 wood (one of the two clubs I actually know how to hit) and hit that twice in a row to be somewhere near the green at the end of it all…why don’t I do it?  I’ll tell you why…for the same reason I sometimes make my bed and sometimes I don’t, for the same reason I go to the gym solidly for three months then skip a couple of weeks.  There are people who are born with the ability to focus and there are others, like myself (the ordinary majority?) who have too many random ideas every day that interfere with what’s really important.  I didn’t need to watch TV before I went to bed last night..but I did…so I woke up slower and had to hustle to get to work on time …ooops, missed 40 minutes I could have spent at the driving range there.  The Greats are Great because they remember what they are supposed to be doing at all times.  They manage themselves.  So I am taking control…managing myself starts here.  Or there.  Or somewhere anyway.  And here’s my first step of managing myself for golf…I am playing my first proper game for the year tomorrow.  I downloaded a little App for my iPad/iPhone (not promoting Apple or sponsored BY Apple but yes I have both…) called Golfshot which, apart from being a very cool way to keep your stats and scores from a game (another thing I am going to try this year by the way), has aerial shots built in of ALL of the golf courses I can imagine every playing on.  And I studied each hole I am playing tomorrow.  Even wrote down what clubs I should use on each hole.  And I am going to stick to the plan.  On paper I have shot par already…I will let you know how that works out for me…if I do shoot par this may be the shortest successful New Year’s Resolution in the history of Resolutions…


About THE Steve

I work, I play golf, I write, I have opinions, I try to be nice to animals and small children. That's me.
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