I did it!!! How to break 80, I can finally tell you from personal experience

Yes, it is true, I have indeed broken 80.  Read on to find out how it happened and how I dealt with it… Continue reading

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The best 80s collection ever

One of the last CDs I ever bought – before I went totally download and digital (you can use that phrase, but please do reference it to me!) – was a collection of all the best songs of the 80s. The best, yes, and a lot that were obviously just available because, really, Kajoogoo?

But anyway, now I have another complete collection of 80s…
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How to break 80 or not break 80; that is the question

Shakespeare and golf. What, you ask, has the bard to do with Golf and breaking 80?  That IS the question. The great man, or someone writing as him if you believe the controversies, wrote one of the greatest existential questions of our time; “To be or not be”…and that really is the question. It is the Buddhist paradox encapsulated in one perfect phrase. By existing we automatically affect the world around us, in our absence the world would also be changed.


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Finally Broke 80…well someone did anyway…

I have been playing some great golf lately. Breaking 80 is only a lucky putt or two away. I have had scores ranging from 81 through 84 over the last month when I have not been blogging (too busy actually playing the silly game maybe? It was a songwriter who once told me that happy does not a good song make…and I have enjoyed my golf lately leaving me less perhaps to blog about it…)
Anyway (again with the anyway…crikeys it has been a month you would have thought I would have a new word by now…),
So, anyways…I received an email last week from a good friend that he broke 80 for the first time last Thursday…and how I responded says a lot about the man I am…

This man looks happy - and his Caddy is happy cos she just got a huge tip...

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Could I be Thor the God of Thunder…?

Once I was powerful, strong, and arrogant. Wielding my mighty mystical mallet Tjlameyde and wearing my symbolic armour Hunndikap I smote all before me as I plundered the lands from my godly homeland in Gaoerfu through the plateaus of Tii, down through the plains of the peaceful kingdom of Ferweigh on my way to conquer the stubborn peoples of the land of Gareen. The sand giants of Bunn-ka, the green behemoths of the Forrest kingdom, the little people of the neighbouring kingdom of Ruffoo, even the seldom visited tributary fiefdoms of Oubee and Vasserhassaad all fell as one before my magical mallet Tjlameyde. No kingdom was safe. Before long, I knew, I would conquer them all. I was born to be the greatest warrior Gaoerfu had ever seen. Continue reading

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Information is power, or get the answer to the question you ask…

I played in Macau this weekend. Went for a weekend to Macau for my local Rotary group…a sister club thing. Stayed in a hotel called the Venetian which has an actual canal running through it, had lunch in a club that goes back about 200 years, met Elvis…yes Elvis!!!…and got to play golf at one of Macau’s two golf courses. This one was the Macau Golf and Country club and it was a delight. Narrow AND short which basically means that (as I proved) you can be OB left, right, OR over the back of the green.

The Ocean? Could it get ANY harder...?

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1000 (thousand) views!!!


What, already?  1000 views already?  That’s amazing…


THE Steve

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The best golf with the worst score…

Okay the worst score is a bit of an exaggeration – it was an 87.  Which is a good score, but not a GREAT score…(considering my goal is to break 80 and my BEST ever is an even 80) but I honestly played the best golf I have ever played and scored 87.  8 shots away from my goal.  And I am very happy.  Why you ask?  Well, dear golfer, read on and find out why the following 87 made me the happiest I have ever been on a golf course…

The best game of golf I have ever played...

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The Perfect Golf Swing…

Okay…calling it the PERFECT golf swing might be a stretch…but I hoped (Cynically) that it might get a few extra hits if I called it that…but anyway here is a time lapse camera shot of my golf swing…and I have to say…it was not as ugly as I expected…Love Your Swing 10 Continue reading

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Warning…practice makes you better!

The following may be out of sync with the other posts on the time line. I take liberties with time. This is all part of my new Buddhist approach to golf…time is simply another dimension. I have noticed that People (the ubiquitous “they”) have started looking at me funny when I talk like this.  It may be time to start drinking more beer and talking about football before I lose all my friends or people start walking slowly backwards away from me at parties.

Anyway, before I played a round of golf a couple of weeks ago I had a round on a pitch and putt par three course. Continue reading

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